About Us

Duc Nhan Dat Co.,Ltd is pleased to send to customers greeting respect and cooperation.
We specialized in producing metal casting black detail and alloys, metallic form. With the motto of accuracy, efficiency and a team of highly skilled engineers and the ability to constantly learn new technology into practical applications Our company production is gradually becoming partner trust with customers la production units, operators in the industry.
Duc Nhan Dat Co.,Ltd ready to serve the customers diverse casting products, with high-tech features, the different grade alloys, which contributes to the process of localization of industrial products, finished development of manufacturing industry of Vietnam. We have grown up a new height readily take to the long-term interests and the peace of mind to customers believe in as well as abroad.
Cast iron on request
For Company
Specialization for each sector, diversified business activities, scientific research, quality improvement techniques, developing the Company while improving the lives of individuals working in the company.
For Customers
Provide customers with products and high quality goods leading to higher economic efficiency, long-term technical service, warranty, maintenance, training perfectly.
Trade partners
Create, build and strengthen the rights of both sides on cooperation for sustainable long-term goodwill


Add: Block B2 - 03, Tan Dong Hiep B Industrial Parks, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Provincial

Tel: 0274 377 6369 - Fax: 0274 377 6639

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