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Things You Should Know About Cast Iron


Brief article below will provide you with useful knowledge about cast iron and cast iron is the appropriate choice when you want to cast a certain product.

I. Composition

According to what I've learned, the cast iron is alloy of iron (Fe) and carbon (C) in which the carbon content of greater than 2.14%. But in fact, the gang always have other elements such as silicon, Mn, P and S

And there are some statistics that account for more than 95% iron by weight and alloy elements carbon and silicon is. The content of carbon in cast iron in the region from 2.1% to 4.3% by weight, with low carbon content domain than their 2.1% of iron alloy is carbon steel. A significant part of silicon (1-3%) in pig iron alloy forming complexes Fe-C-Si.

II. Characteristic

Cast iron has had similar alloys contain two elements iron and carbon in coagulation status, molten iron temperature range from 1150 to 1200 ° C, 300 ° C lower than pure iron. Generally people view as a type of cast iron alloy embrittlement. Gray facial fracture usually characteristics of gang identity: is the distribution of mass in the form of free carbon, with shapes as alloy plate freezing.

III. Classification iron

According to the study, the cast iron is divided into the following categories: cast iron gray, bleached gray iron, ductile cast iron, cast iron worm, ductile iron.

But in the process of cast iron, I mainly use two kinds of cast iron and cast iron which is gray, so I would say over about 2 this category:

Gray cast iron has a low cost and relatively easy smelting, have low melting temperature (1350 ° C) and not demanding on impurities. Gray iron castings have good properties and high ability to mute, so the organization is also the advantage of porous material for containing lubrication oil. However, brittle cast iron, resistant to bending, can not be forged. When quenching in mold, white iron transformed difficult mechanical processing.

Due to the above characteristics, we use them so much in the engineering industry, casting large ice machine, with high complexity, the details do not bear the big bend, but need good compression strength. Having the equipment and materials used gray cast iron to> 70% of the total weight. The ice machine tools (turning, milling, planing, ...), the body of an internal combustion engine ... and are manufactured from gray cast iron.

Gang cast iron bridge is the most durable of all kinds of cast iron by graphite in spherical circular, outwardly also dark gray as gray cast iron. So when looking at the surface can not distinguish the two types of this gang.

Gang bridge is used to produce large and detailed bearing load shock, abrasion, such as crankshaft, cams, gears .... Due to cheap iron bridges used to replace steel and many ductile iron.

IV. Application of iron

With characteristics: low melting point, good fluidity, good molding properties, workability, abrasion resistant, so the price is very low processing, so iron is used in a lot of detail, field different areas such as:

- Production of machine parts.

- Casting Columns decorative lights.

- Casting Remember trash.

- Manhole cover.

- Casting products interior decoration such as iron gate, cast iron furniture, iron park bench, rocking gang, ...

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